Preceptorship Guidelines

Practicing Community Health Aides (CHA) and Community Health Practitioners (CHP) are initially evaluated, and then re-evaluated every 6 years by a formal assessment referred to as a Preceptorship. "Preceptorship" refers to the clinical component of the Preceptorship process. A CHA who has completed all four basic training sessions and the Field Training Requirements is eligible to be scheduled for an initial Preceptorship and when successfully completed, recieve their initial CHP. Once the Preceptorship process is started, it should be completed within 6 months. The CHP must be renewed every 6 years. This is referred to as re-evlauation for preceptorship.  

CHAP Directors approved the Preceptorship Guidelines in December 2019.  Please use this document the next time you have a CHA to complete a preceptorship.  

Overview of Guidelines for Completing a Preceptorship

  • Role of sponsoring THO
  • Role of Preceptor
  • Role of Training Center
  • Role of CHA/P
  • Application
  • Summary of Preceptorship
  • Detail of Electronic Links