Pre-Session Materials Updated (online course currently not available)

The Pre-Session course is not available online at this time. The Pre-Session Student Handbook and Instructor Handbook were revised in June 2017. Students can take the course face-to-face at one of the Tribal Health Organizations. See below for access to the Student Handbook and Skills Checklist. The Pre-Session Instructor Handbook is available on the Secure Documents Site-See Committee Member Login for details. In 2018, work will begin to create an online Pre-Session course.

TABE Testing

 Facts on TABE Testing

 TABE Application Form

Below are documents related to a newly hired employee getting ready for Session I training. This section may be applicable to DHAs and BHAs.



Medical Math Assessment

Pre-Session Skills Checklist

Pre-Session Student Handbook

Math 1 Overview of Math Skills Assessment and Remedication

Math 2 Medical Math Assessment

Math 3 Medical Math Checklist (usually on green paper)

Math 4 Medical Measurements Math Workbook (109 pages)

Math 4a Suggestions to Instructors When Using the Medical Math Workbook

Math 4b Exercise 1 cc Syringe

Math 4c Exercise 3 cc Syringe

Math 4d Exercise 5 cc Syringe

Math 4e Exercise Decimals

Math 4f Exercise Fractions

Math 4g Exercise Volume and Concentration

Math 5 Pictures for Creating Medical Math Problems (to copy and paste)