The document “Math 1” provides an overview of the program standards for admission to training including TABE testing. Documents were developed so consistent evaluation and remediation of math skills occur statewide.

Math 1 Overview of Math Skills Assessment and Remediation

Math 2 Medical Math Assessment

Math 3 Medical Math Checklist (usually on green paper)

Math 4 Medical Measurements Math Workbook (109 pages)

Math 4a Suggestions to Instructors When Using the Medical Math Workbook

Math 4b Exercise 1 cc Syringe

Math 4c Exercise 3 cc Syringe

Math 4d Exercise 5 cc Syringe

Math 4e Exercise Decimals

Math 4f Exercise Fractions

Math 4g Exercise Volume and Concentration

Math 4h Insulin Syringes

Insulin Syringes Key 

Math 4i Summary of Reading a Syringe

Summary of Reading a Syringe Key

Math 5 Pictures for Creating Medical Math Problems (to copy and paste)

Math Resources from NSHC:

Calculating Age in Months

     Calculating Age in Months Key

Calculating Doses in Pills-Fraction of Pills

     Calculating Doses in Pills-Fraction of Pills Key

 Calculating Weight Change in lbs-oz

     Calculating Weight Change in lbs-oz Key

Dose Calculation Exercises

CHAM Medicine Test 9-30-18

      CHAM Medicine Test Key 9-30-18

Multiplying to Calculate Fast Pulses 

     Multiplying to Calculate Fast Pulses Key

Resources for CHA Math Instruction

List the source/website of the resource and a brief description of what CHA math skill(s) it addresses.

The websites below provide exercises (self-graded) and instructional materials suitable for learning very basic decimals, fractions, metric system, number lines, etc.

The website below provides worksheets and key for the following skills (and others): multiplication, addition and subtraction, with and without carrying, adding and subtracting fractions, etc.