Practicing Community Health Aides (CHA) and Community Health Practitioners (CHP) are credentialed or recredentialed by a formal assessment at the completion of the four basic training sessions and every six years thereafter. A CHA who has completed all four basic training sessions and the Field Training Requirements is eligible to receive their initial credential as a CHP. The CHP credential must be renewed every six years. This is referred to as recredentialing. Both credentialing and recredentialing require a preceptorship. “Preceptorship” refers to the clinical component of the credentialing/recredentialing process.   

CHAP Directors approved the Overview of Credentialing/Recredentialing Guidelines in December 2014.  Please use this document the next time you have a CHA to credential or a CHP to recredential.  

Overview of Credentialing/Recredentialing

  • Role of sponsoring THO
  • Role of Preceptor
  • Role of Training Center
  • Role of CHA/P
  • Application
  • Summary of Preceptorship
  • Detail of Electronic Links