Welcome to the Alaska CHAP Program

The Community Health Aide Program (CHAP) consists of a network of approximately 550 Community Health Aides/Practitioners (CHA/Ps) in over 170 rural Alaska villages. CHA/Ps work within the guidelines of the Alaska Community Health Aide/Practitioner Manual in assessing and referring members of their communities who seek medical care and consultation.  Alaska CHA/Ps are the frontline of healthcare in their communities.

CHAP Expansion

Indian Health Service Press Release on expansion of the Community Health Aide Program:

CHAM Update 

  • A new version of the iCHAM is avaialble 1.5.4. There is also a content revision for Emergency Preparedness.

  • Currently revising the Skin and Soft Tissue section. To include comments and revision suggestions send them to CHAM staff using the contact us feature in the eCHAM.

  • Sections currently under review for release are: 

Bleeding,  c-a-b medical assessment, Choking Guideline, CPR, Emergency Childbirth-EFH,  Emergency Childbirth-PCV, Hypothermia, Near Drowning, and Tourniquet

Continuing Education

  • 10 interactive, online cancer modules with helpful resources and activities are available. For more information, see flyer.

  • Palliative Care TeleECHO Clinic, every other Wednesday 12-1 pm starting May 24, 2017. Learn more about the program and register at:

Save the Dates

  • Online Cancer Education with Storytelling Course, September 12 - November 30, 2017, Tuesdays and Thursdays - 12-1 pm. Click here for more information and registration. 

  • Dena'ina Plants as Food & Medicine Conference, Denai'ina Wellness Center - Kenai, September 16-17, 2017. Registration:

  • Advance Diabetes Health Aide Course, Distance w/3 day face-to-face in Anchorage, October 4-December 8, 2017. Click here for registration form.

  • 5th Alaska Native Health Research Conference: "Strengthening Communities Through Research for a Healthier Tomorrow," Hotel Captain Cook - Anchorage, October 16-18, 2017. Registration:

Telemedicine Cart Checks 

AFHCANcart Quick Check Form:

AFHCANcart Quick Check Guide:

CHAP Certification Board Applications

email address:

Future CHAP Certification Board meeting dates:  

October 25-26, 2017, deadline for accepting applications is October 18.

Link to the CHAP Certification Board Page

CHAP Certification Board Standards and Procedures

click here for CHAPCB Standards and Procedures, amended June 22, 2017

Alaska Native Epidemiology Center

Link to the ANTHC Epi-Center with news and data from across Alaska