Community Theater and Readers' Theater


Readers’ Theater is the coming together of a group of people to read aloud and listen to a conversation that has been scripted. For information on ways to share Readers' Theater scripts in your community, check out Making it Work. 

Road to Recovery

Have fun learning about colon health. This 25-minute theatre script discusses early stage colorectal cancer treatment. An interactive, eight question game to learn more about colorectal cancer is included. This game could be adapted to use questions from people in your community.


This 45‐minute theatre script explores many challenging and sensitive themes including emotions associated with a cancer diagnosis, treatment, pain, end‐of‐life, and loss and grief. Healthy lifestyle choices and recommended cancer screening exams are voiced. Alaska Native people’s stories of hope, resilience and ways to keep our communities strong and healthy are shared.

What’s the Big Deal - Alaskan Context   |   What's the Big Deal - Broader Audience

This 25-minute theatre script provides colorectal cancer screening information, models ways to talk about colorectal cancer, and encourages healthy lifestyle choices. Two versions of the script were developed; one script has an Alaskan context and the other script communicates to a broader audience.

 Choosing Hope

This 25-minute theatre script continues the conversation of the characters from the What’s the Big Deal? theatre script. Common questions, concerns, and supportive care related to receiving a colorectal cancer diagnosis are presented.

Comments from Readers’ Theatre Participants

“Readers’ Theatre gave us a new way to talk with patients and family.”

“It’s a fun way to learn!”

“Everyone was involved-better than just listening or watching a movie.”

“The story makes it easy to understand-how people go through it [cancer] and how they deal with it-with the support of their family.”

“Great tool to start a conversation” “It is easy to adapt.”

“…puts info into normal everyday conversations.”

If you have question comments or feedback please email Melany Cueva.