Community Videos

Through these movies, learn about cancer, cancer prevention, and screenings. Also, please feel free to use as a part of your community outreach efforts.

Awakening Choices: Colon Health - Our Stories

Alaska Native people talk about colorectal cancer and healthy lifestyle choices in this 30-minute video. The importance of early detection through colorectal screening is emphasized. This brochure provides additional information. Watch a playful music video promoting colon screening.



Staying Strong, Staying Healthy: Alaska Native Men Speak Out About Cancer 

Hear the resilient stories of men whose lives have been affected by prostate, colorectal and testicular cancer. Men talk about their experiences: ways to prevent cancer, ways to decrease cancer risk, and ways to find and treat cancer early.  Part two of the movie shows a clinical testicular exam and a young man doing a self testicular exam.


The Story Basket: Weaving Women's Health into Our Lives

Alaska Native women discuss the importance of breast health in this 30-minute movie. We see a clinical breast exam, a self breast exam, and a mammogram – three important ways to find breast cancer early. Learn the vertical breast exam pattern. To learn more, read the breast health booklet available in English and Yup'ik.  


Understanding: Stepping into the Light Sharing Stories Through Theater

Cancer among Alaska Native people is often not talked about. The play enters the silence, making audible the experience of cancer. An all-Alaska Native cast explores many challenging and sensitive cancer-related themes, including emotions associated with a diagnosis, treatment, pain, and the end-of-life. Healthy lifestyle choices and recommended cancer screening exams are voiced.

What's the Big Deal?

Using humor and suspense, this 25-minute 'telenovela' style movie focuses on the importance of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening. Seven, 2-4 minute sections follow Rita, a student nurse, as she encourages her parents to have recommended screening exams. 

A New Story

This engaging story follows Hazel, a woman in her 50s, as she journeys along her path of colorectal cancer diagnosis and treatment. The 25-minute telenovela consists of 5 mini movie sections that provide medically-accurate information combined with Alaska Native values of family, storytelling, and humor. The support of family, health care providers, and new friends help Hazel as she navigates her cancer diagnosis and treatment journey. Watch stories of resilience and hope as people grapple with fear, embarrassment, stubbornness, and concern over receiving a cancer diagnosis. This movie is the requested sequel to ‘What’s the Big Deal?’ that explored the importance of having recommended colorectal cancer screenings. “A New Story” is made in Alaska and features an Alaska Native cast.  

Getting Ready For Your Colonoscopy

Steve learns about the importance of the colonoscopy procedure and how to prepare for it, including the clear-liquid diet and oral laxative. Having a colonoscopy helps to prevent colon cancer by finding and removing polyps before they become cancer.  


Steve Gets Ready For His Colonoscopy

Spend the day with Steve as he uses humor to do the necessary colon ‘prep’. Be clean to be seen!



Getting Ready For Your Sigmoidoscopy

A nurse explains to Margaret the necessary ‘prep’ for her sigmoidoscopy procedure.



Margaret Gets Ready For Her Sigmoidoscopy

Margaret prepares for her sigmoidoscopy. Spend the day with Margaret as she goes through the necessary steps the day before her sigmoidoscopy.