Cancer Continuing Education

The Cancer Education - Continuing Education course is at our new Community Health Aide Distance Learning Network website!


The cancer education modules will help you support the people in your community to understand the ways they can prevent cancer, decrease their cancer risk, and, if they are diagnosed with cancer, to live well along their cancer journey.

To earn CHAP continuing education (CE), complete the module learning activities, successfully pass the quizzes, and share your evaluation comments. 

Once you get to the distance website, you must create an account in order to get started. Once created you can self-register for CE courses. Follow the instructions within each course to earn your certificate.

CHAP Distance Learning Moodle Site

 Here is a short video with tips on how to navigate within Cancer Education learning area after you login:

Cancer Education Navigation Tips

Any questions about cancer education continuing education please contact: Melany Cueva or Laura Revels

Cancer Education Booklets

The following booklets are additional reading materials to increase your cancer education knowledge - no CE's are attached to these.

Help Yourself to Health

"Help Yourself to Health": a booklet with information about screening exams to prevent cancer or find changes early. 

The Story Basket: Weaving Breast Health Into Our Lives 

Weaving Breast Health Into Our Lives is written in English only. Aamagpet Ikayutekaak  is available in Yup'ik with English translation.

Awakening Choices: Colon Health - Our Stories

To learn about colon health, read The Awakening Choices: Colon Health - Our Stories booklet. 

IMPORTANT Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Update: To decrease CRC, Alaska Native People begin screening at age 40. For others, colorectal screening exams begin at age 50. However, if there is a family history of cancer, all people should begin screening at age 40 or younger.

Diagnosing and Treating Cancer

Diagnosing and Treating Cancer is a booklet with information about what is cancer and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Wellness Information Booklet

Heart Healthy Guide - Tips for Putting Your Health First