Cancer Education

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Welcome to Learning About Cancer Education for Alaska Community Health Aide Practitioners and Community Health Workers


We have quite a few resources that we use in our trainings with the Alaska Community Health Aides Program (CHAPs) and Community Health Workers (CHWs), and community members. The materials were written with feedback from the CHAPs, CHWs, and community health  members so that many people could benefit from these.

This section of the CHAP website, Cancer Education, includes:

  1. Online Course: A link and information about our 10 interactive, online cancer education modules.

  2. Printed Materials: Cancer and wellness educational booklets.

  3. Community Educational Videos: 10 cancer education, prevention, and awareness videos that can be shared with community members.

  4. CHAP/Provider Educational Videos: 5 cancer education videos that are more medical in nature aimed at medical providers and caretakers.

  5. Digital Stories: Videos that were made by community members and workshop participants about wellness, cancer prevention, and cancer screenings.

  6. Community Activities: Fun cancer learning activities and ice breakers to do with community members.

  7. Resources: Links to cancer-specific websites.

  8. Program Publications: Articles that were published by the CHAP cancer education program.

Navigation for this section is off to the right-hand side, and thank you for supporting wellness ways.


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