CHAP Distance Learning Network

The CHAP Distance Learning Network (CHAP DLN) is a method of delivering health care education to the state’s most remote villages using the Internet and other technology. The courses are targeted toward those looking to become CHAs for the first time, as well as current CHA/Ps looking to keep their skills current and earn necessary Continue Education credits. Courses offered over distance reduce the frequency, length and cost of travel outside of the CHA’s village.


CHA-T Online Pre-Session

The Pre-Session course is not available online at this time. The Pre-Session Student Handbook and Instructor Handbook were revised in June 2017. Students can take the course face-to-face at one of the Tribal Health Organizations. See the Pre-Session page for access to the Student Handbook and Skills Checklist. The Pre-Session Instructor Handbook is available on the Secure Documents Site, see Committee Member Login for details. In 2018, work will begin to create an online Pre-Session course.

If you have any questions please contact Shae Aliu at


Available Online Courses

CHAP Distance Learning online continuing education courses can now be found at the new Community Health Aide Distance Learning Network website.

You must create an account in order to get started. Once created you can self-register for CE courses. Follow the intructions within each course to earn your certificate.