CHAM Program Manager-Tasha Hotch 

Tasha received a Bachelor's degree in Technical Management, and a Masters in Business Administration with a Specialization in Project Managment. She is Tlingit from the village Klukwan, in Southeast Alaska. She has more than a decade of experience working in the tribal health system. Some projects she’s participated in prior to joining CHAP Statewide Services were the Cerner implementation at ANTHC and the Manager Training Series. Tasha is also a Clinical Instructor with UAF, this permits those who go through her manager course the ability to apply for University credit. She also provides staff support to the Community Health Aide Association. Tasha has been with CHAP since 2014.



Physician Assistant-Certified/Community Health Aide Instructor-Jean Rounds-Riley, PAC

Jean has decades of service in the Community Health Aide program. She enjoys helping health aides develop their skills to serve their communities. She has also been instrumental in revising previous versions of the CHAM.



Revision Groups

A number of groups are being developed to provide more opportunities for input and communication in the revision process. We appreciate all of our statewide partners and their assistance with this effort.

Training Center Medical Directors

Align training with CHAM, and identify areas that need additional research.

Advisory Group

Composed of a variety of participants, representing as many THOs and job categories as possible.