Community Health Aide Association Information

Safety Committee

In 2007, the CHAA proposed two goals. The first was to deal with the safety of CHA/Ps across the state. The committee wrote a generic letter for CHA/Ps to take to their village goverment in order to gain the support of that body and if there was not a law enforcement presence in the community, to have a responsible party or group assigned to accompany the CHA/P into any potentially dangerous situation.

The attached letter is the result of that effort:

o    CHAA Safety Letter and may be amended and used by CHA/Ps across Alaska.

CHA Emergency Coverage Committee

To show its support of CHA/Ps across the state, the Emergency Coverage Committee developed an "after hour" flier that may be personalized, printed and hung in the community. It deals with after hour calls, what is an emergency and what might wait until regular clinic hours. It is not meant to be all inclusive or to take the place of common sense but simply a communication tool for village based CHA/Ps and their communities:

o    CHAA After Hours Flier